I Am An Artist

Three’s a crowd in this imagined romantic mash-up between a Serbian performance artist, her Mon Calamarian ex-partner, and a contemporary Dutch architect – animated with vintage Star Wars action figures.


Kung Fu Kenobi’s Big Adventure

Obi-Wan is out to rescue Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (in his infamous slave girl outfit) from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. Everybody has a favorite Star Wars scene … mine’s the one where Mace Windu stands up in the Jedi council and quotes Ezekiel 25:17 … “You will know my name is the… Continue Reading


Godzilla Versus Disco Lando

**** – Not including the price of a Macintosh and software, this film’s budget looked to be about $7.99 … yet Evan Mather’s work is a low-res tour-de-force involving Kenner Star Wars action figures, a boxing Godzilla doll, and yes, disco … this is a brilliant deconstruction of the Lucas trilogy, and reveals that percolating… Continue Reading