Pavlov’s Bell

As an airplane hits a rough patch, a turbulent relationship disintegrates. The song is from Aimee Mann’s 2002 album Lost In Space. Pavlov’s Bell is not only Evan Mather’s follow up to his 2001 music video for Red Vines, but also an experiment in developing a distinct animation style: see also My Big Fat Independent… Continue Reading

Red Vines

Experience love on the sidelines as a young couple cross paths with a wizened convenience store clerk. A track on Aimee Mann‘s 2000 album Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo, Red Vines was interpreted and animated by Evan Mather, using the same flat-but-deep graphics style pioneered with Fansom the Lizard. Completed… Continue Reading

Buena Vista Fight Club

A contemporary lifestyle catalog comes alive in this bloody mashup of Fight Club and Buena Vista Social Club. Completed as 1999 drew to a close, Buena Vista Fight Club was an experiment in digital composition, typography and animation. A faux furniture catalog (AVINO®) – featuring models from Seattle, New York, and Helsinki – was designed in… Continue Reading