Eau De Maison (“Housewater”)

What if you could produce clean drinking water just by running your air conditioner? This is an experiment to see how much water could potentially be captured from an home’s rooftop package air conditioning unit, during a summer heat wave. Conducted in July 2017 during a particularly sweltering Los Angeles week, Eau De Maison documents… Continue Reading


This is a film about process. In the journey of developing a forthcoming piece about a global framework for urban design, I found myself compelled to create a digital interpretation of Professor Lynch’s seminal text, The Image of the City. Calling upon all of the (digital) tools available to man – i.e. the Adobe Suite,… Continue Reading

Building A Sustainable Future

Video presentation about a series of sustainable green infrastructure projects at Burbank Water and Power – including photovoltaic parking lot canopies, a green street demonstrating innovative storm water treatment technologies, and an courtyard built around a salvaged electrical substation.

So What?

A landscape architectural firm shreds three months worth of its waste paper and creates a provocative art installation about sustainability. Creative, innovative, surprising and unexpected! An incredible message that speaks beautifully to designers and the public about an important issue. – ASLA 2008 Professional Awards Jury


Imagination. Innovation. Abstraction. When is a river not a river? What are the impacts of temporary landscapes? Can plants be moved like furniture? “Expressions” is a portrait of Calvin Abe, a landscape architect and founder of AHBE Landscape Architects. This short film traces the personal development of Calvin and three of his award winning projects,… Continue Reading

A Fool’s Errand

Drawing upon the Korean penchant for elaborate public art, A Fool’s Errand documents the construction of a recent installation by artists to celebrate the season of Lent and the temporal nature of decay. *** – After watching Evan Mather’s short documentary A Fool’s Errand, one is very tempted to think, so what? Running only five… Continue Reading