A Necessary Ruin

[Evan Mather’s] riveting new documentary A Necessary Ruin … manages not only to make engineering sexy and preservation politics compelling, but succinctly tells the tale of one of the most tragic architectural plunderings in recent memory. – The Architect’s Newspaper Upon its completion in October 1958, the Union Tank Car Dome, located north of Baton… Continue Reading

Scenic Highway

Due to the recent unpleasantness, Baton Rouge has eclipsed New Orleans as the largest city in Louisiana. Is the city destined for greatness? Scenic Highway is the name of US Highway 61 as it passes through northern Baton Rouge. It is also this trip to the city – and such landmarks as Huey Long’s art… Continue Reading

Fansom the Lizard

A child’s pet lizard escapes and finds love and adventure in Las Vegas in this half-remembered bit of family folklore. Created using a completely digital production workflow, this nine-minute short film conveys the feeling of a family home movie shot on Super-8. This was obtained not only with Adobe After Effects filters, but also with a shaky camera… Continue Reading

The Creature From Outer Space

A mysterious alien lands in the suburbs. The two adolescent boys who tracked its spacecraft on their home computers are the subjects of the creature’s wrath. The Creature From Outer Space is a Super-8 film shot in the fall of 1982 – when Halloween costumes were in abundance – in the neighborhoods and forests of… Continue Reading