Building A Sustainable Future

Video presentation about a series of sustainable green infrastructure projects at Burbank Water and Power – including photovoltaic parking lot canopies, a green street demonstrating innovative storm water treatment technologies, and an courtyard built around a salvaged electrical substation.

So What?

A landscape architectural firm shreds three months worth of its waste paper and creates a provocative art installation about sustainability. Creative, innovative, surprising and unexpected! An incredible message that speaks beautifully to designers and the public about an important issue. – ASLA 2008 Professional Awards Jury


Imagination. Innovation. Abstraction. When is a river not a river? What are the impacts of temporary landscapes? Can plants be moved like furniture? “Expressions” is a portrait of Calvin Abe, a landscape architect and founder of AHBE Landscape Architects. This short film traces the personal development of Calvin and three of his award winning projects,… Continue Reading

A Fool’s Errand

Drawing upon the Korean penchant for elaborate public art, A Fool’s Errand documents the construction of a recent installation by artists to celebrate the season of Lent and the temporal nature of decay. *** – After watching Evan Mather’s short documentary A Fool’s Errand, one is very tempted to think, so what? Running only five… Continue Reading