The key to designing successful public spaces, is engaging with the end users by way of community outreach early in the design process, to ensure their needs are met in the final site program. WREN (Wholistic Representational Empowerment Negotiation) is a land planning exercise disguised as a board game – designed to engage community members… Continue Reading

I Am An Artist

Three’s a crowd in this imagined romantic mash-up between a Serbian performance artist, her Mon Calamarian ex-partner, and a contemporary Dutch architect – animated with vintage Star Wars action figures.


A bedtime horror story about about a young girl who watches too much television. Telly is magnificent film that makes the most out of every frame with a beautiful story of a father and his daughter and the impact of a television. – Animation Magazine

My Big Fat Independent Movie Title Sequence

This opening title sequence tells the story of one aspiring filmmaker and his journey through the creative process of writing, directing, and distributing a movie outside the Hollywood studio system. Directed by Philip Zlotorynski from a script by Chris Gore and Adam Schwartz, My Big Fat Independent Movie has a knowing, insider quality that could… Continue Reading

Pavlov’s Bell

As an airplane hits a rough patch, a turbulent relationship disintegrates. The song is from Aimee Mann’s 2002 album Lost In Space. Pavlov’s Bell is not only Evan Mather’s follow up to his 2001 music video for Red Vines, but also an experiment in developing a distinct animation style: see also My Big Fat Independent… Continue Reading