My Two Kentuckys

My education of United States geography came from a Fisher Price jigsaw puzzle – and by reading TV Guide. In August 1979, our family vacation took us on the road from our home in Baton Rouge to visit cousins in Indiana and friends in Cleveland. At the time, the country was covered by about 90 different regional editions of the eponymous weekly magazine – which roughly corresponded to the largest television markets (as opposed to the states). Each time we entered a new TV Guide region, my parents bought me that edition to add to my collection. These magazines – and that jigsaw puzzle – conceptualized my perception of the United States landscape and its geographies – including the two perceived Kentuckys that persist in my mind to this day.

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  1. what a wonderful and heartwarming tale! it’s funny how life changes. i love your affection for TV Guides – it’s eccentric – and fascinating how changes in this impacted upon your life. i love your synesthesia, although not diagnosed, i often smell odd smells when i view certain colours. i also see Kentucky as green, funnily enough. having toured USA a few years ago – for almost 2 months – i fell in love with Kentucky and when i think of her, i see her as green. maybe it was all the fields of corn i drove through. i don’t know. but i have to say, this is a really original piece. enjoyed your wee film too. heartwarming and esoteric. nice one. i like how you view the world, or at least the USA, in colour, shape and listings.


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