This is Iceland at the speed of sound (768 mph): a time-lapse circumnavigation via the Hringvegur (Ring Road) that circles the island.

Iceland – the Nordic island country in the North Atlantic – is one of the most volcanically and geologically active places on Earth. This small European country has been described as if “someone put the American West in a blender: California’s poetic central coast, the Nevada desert’s barren expanses, Alaska’s glaciers and Yellowstone’s geysers”. The 828 mile (1,333 kilometer) long Ring Road (Route 1) that encircles the island and traverses these dynamic landscapes, has been characterized as “the ultimate road trip”.

Starting in Reykjavík, we travelled east across the lava fields along the North Atlantic and views of Vatnajökull glacier to Höfn; then heading north by northwest in a foggy darkness along fjords and blind curves. Twisting over the mountains (where a flat tire did not stop us), we crossed the inland gravel fields of Iceland’s desert interior to Akureyri; then west through alpine mountains, lava fields and fjords along the Norwegian Sea, and then through Hvalfjörður Tunnel back to Reykjavík.

Hringvegur was funded via a Kickstarter campaign during World Landscape Architecture Month 2015, and runs 70 minutes in length.

Directed by: Evan Mather.
Produced by: Marc Goldner, Kevin Noble, Martin Stark, Suzanne Turner.
Photographed by: Evan Mather, Jennifer Salazar, Martin Stark.
Voices: Marc Goldner, Robert Gross, Rachel Korsen, Evan Mather, Marya Murphy, Martin Stark.
Designed, Animated, Composited and Edited by: Evan Mather.

Thanks: Amber Ackley, Mark Aldrich, Chris & Bonny Algozzine, Richard Alomar, Tracy L. Altman, Rodney S. Ascher, Ivan Azaroff, Nanci Bateman, Dan Bobeczko & Gary DiBianca, Eric Brink, Bob Brzuszek, Dave Bullis, Nate Cormier, Douglas Dankel II, James G. Davies, Greg Derbes, Mary Derbes Bullock, Monica Derbes Gibson, Katherine Easterling, Kristin Evenson Hirst, Max Gold, Marc Goldner, Chris Gore, Tara Guidry, Melanie Guldi, Vaughn Harmon, Kurt Harvey, Matt Haughey, Geir Haukursson, Dean Howell, Johari Ismail, Ellison Israel, Doug Jackson, Gerry Katzban, Tal M. Klein, Pam Kocke, Steve LeClere, Bryan W. Leighty, Leonard Lin, Jay Magnusson, Eleanor Mather, Dee Mather-Muenzler, James McCormick, Blair Miller, Momentisimo, Paul Moorhead, Kristina Morris, Larry Muenzler, Marya Murphy, Kevin Noble, Emmanuelle Osolin, Leslie Pierson, David Plater, Michael Pusateri, Jeremy Riegel, Jennifer Salazar, Richard Salazar, Naomi Sanders, Christopher Sauchak, Christine Scharrer, Bruce Sharky, FASLA, Albert Sheen, Heather Snodgrass, Martin Stark, Pat Stovall, Eric P. Strauss, Yancey Strickler, Nathan Taliaferro, Erik Taylor, Steve Thoemmes, Jennifer Thomas, Suzanne Turner, Katrina Van Heest, Kim B. Wang, Lynda Wayne, Chris Wicke, Martha Williams, Pace Willisson, Jason Wishnow, Tim Wood, South Wales, AWPF, Asher Woolverton, Tieg Zaharia, Ellen Zoudlik, Laine Zoudlik

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