Hringvegur – Pitch Video

As my recent Icelandic Land-Lapse Project Kickstarter project failed – but I still believe in the concept. Therefore I have totally revamped the pitch, and launched a new project – Hringvegur – in celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month 2015.

My immediate goal is to be recognized as a Kickstarter “Project of the Day” and/or “Staff Pick”. This will highlight Hringvegur to a much larger audience. In order to make this happen I need your help, as the projects that are selected are picked in part by showing a momentum in pledges. If you are interested in pledging the Hringvegur, consider this variety of pledge levels:
  • $1 USD = online code to watch Hringvegur through 2016.
  • $8 USD (the cost of a gallon of gas in Iceland) = your name in the credits.
  • $25 USD = an Icelandic themed postcard to put on your fridge.
  • $50 USD = a beautifully packaged DVD of one of my most popular short films, A Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller and the Union Tank Car Dome.
  • $100 USD = hand-pressed copy of Hringvegur on DVD.
  • $200 USD = an opportunity to participate in the audio collage (commentary) that accompanies the film.
  • $500 USD = you will be listed as one of the film’s “producers” in all promotional media.
  • $1,333 USD (the length of the Ring Road in kilometers) = you will be listed as the “executive producer” of Hringvegur in all promotional media.
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