Icelandic Land-Lapse Project: Day 8 of 8

This is the last full day of my Kickstarter campaign for the Icelandic Land-Lapse Project, my second feature film. This fund drive ends at 12:00 PDT on Sunday 28 March 2015. Thank you to all who have contributed so far, and thanks in advance for those of you mulling it over. I cannot make this film without your support.

A fellow Kickstarter supporter suggested yesterday (in a comment on my post about the project budget), that I have underestimated the costs of this trip. I understand that Iceland is one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe, however it can be done frugally. One way of course is to eat cheaply, even though McDonalds left the island in October 2009, there is still another possibility.

The IKEA Reykjavik cafe is the most popular restaurant in Iceland. They serve meatballs, chicken, turkey, soups, hot dogs, and of course, ice cream. If you want to take the food to go, you do need to pay for a box (150,- króna). They are very helpful on the phone. Thank you to the anonymous IKEA employee who tolerated my questions this morning.

Thank you for supporting the Icelandic Land-Lapse Project.

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