Icelandic Land-Lapse Project: Day 4 of 8


Just about halfway through this quick Kickstarter campaign to fund The Icelandic Land-Lapse Project. With 4 days left, pledges are at 24% of my goal – appreciate it if you would get your friends and neighbors to look under the sofa cushions for a few extra quarters.

When we drove cross-country to film From Sea To Shining Sea, I made a point of capturing the color palette of my environs from time to time. This was done by photographing the surrounding landscape using an iPhone 4S running the Adobe Kuler app – now known as Adobe Color CC. The software creates a color palette from the image which can be brought into Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, etc – these dynamic color palettes were used to re-correct the video image – resulting in a tritone image that shifts along with the shifting landscape over the length of the feature.

This is a technique I intend to use again for The Icelandic Land-Lapse Project. I am curious as to how the color palette of the Iceland environment will inform the color grading of this project.

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