Icelandic Land-Lapse Project: Day 2 of 8


Today is day 2 of my 8 day long Kickstarter campaign to fund The Icelandic Land-Lapse Project – thank you to all who have already contributed. This is a quick campaign – please wake the kids and phone the neighbors.

One of the things we learned while shooting From Sea To Shining Sea had to do with timing: while it can be visually interesting, it is very difficult to shoot into the sun. In retrospect, I realize this kinda goes without saying, but we were so pumped with adrenaline, that after driving 6 or 7 hours, we felt like driving a few more. Being that this was late-afternoon, and we were headed west, we had to deal with the sun. In Kansas in particular, we had trouble focusing the camera – which led to me reshooting that sequence a month later.

I am taking this into account in assembling the route for The Icelandic Land-Lapse Project. The ring highway around the island, Route 1, is about 800 miles in length – just a wee bit longer than our last day’s drive from Park City, UT to San Francisco, CA in From Sea To Shining Sea. We were averaging 70-80 mph on the Interstate, for Route 1 it will probably be closer to 45-60 mph; so 300 miles a day for 6 hours for 3 days seems pretty doable. In looking at the map, and gaining an understanding of places in Iceland to stop for the night, here is what I have come up with:

Day 1 – Reykjavík to Höfn – 285 miles – 6 hours – headed east, so we want to start in the early-afternoon. Highlights will include lava fields along the North Atlantic and views of Vatnajökull glacier.

Day 2 – Höfn to Akureyi – 280 miles – 6 hours – headed north by northwest, starting late-morning after a hot dog makes sense. Plenty of fjords and blind curves before ascending a bit into the gravel fields of Iceland’s interior.

Day 3 – Akureyi to Reykjavík – 240 miles – 5 hours – headed west by southwest, starting filming mid-morning takes us through lava fields and fjords along the Norwegian Sea and then back to Reykjavík before the sun is an issue. Bonus: we get to go through Hvalfjörður Tunnel.

Thanks again for your consideration of The Icelandic Land-Lapse Project.

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