Exposed: Frames 01159-01488

He rises, stumbling to his feet, and surveys the environment: the lawn, a sidewalk, parkway, and street – a couple of mailboxes punctuate the scene. Continuing, a shadow from screen right pushes him into the street itself. Pausing in the middle of the road, He does a little jig – immediately: a jump cut – and the station wagon! (Followed by a pickup truck.) But, the station wagon! This is the same station wagon that traveled from Baton Rouge to Cleveland and back again; and Baton Rouge to the Kennedy Space Center and back again; and endless trips to and from the mall in search of Star Wars action figures; it is where farts were discovered. (Offscreen, it turns into the driveway – Spaz’s madre y padre are home – filming in the middle of the street? No problemo.) Via a bit of in-the-camera-editing-magic, He recovers, diving into the parkway – at rest.

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