Exposed: Frames 00910-01053

This particular shot is very difficult to make out. We are zooming into a man-child, laying on his back in a front lawn, his arms above his head – motionless for 144 frames. This is the first exterior shot of the film – following the computer generated title sequence, the shots of the Truck Driver in his office, and the previous shot of the Spaz answering the telephone. Given this progression, we can assume that this is the subject of the film’s title.

On the other hand, it may be a transition shot of a still image – the Earthrise mural that was plastered on the bedroom wall of the Artist himself. A historic image with a more personal meaning as it was photographed during the Christmas holiday of his grandfather’s death. (Were my parents aware of this connection when they wallpapered my bedroom?) Therefore, given the title of the film, it is also possible that this is a zoom-in of the Earth itself, from the point of view of the film’s subject.

Oh forget it, that shot was from Apollo 17 – it’s some alien laying in the grass.

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