Exposed: Frames 00237-00279

It is an off-cited fact that the military uses technology thirty years more advanced than what is available to the average consumer. With this in mind, we cut back to the computer display monitor itself. It features dark text on a light background in three (not five) groups: a header at the top, subtitle to the right, and an interesting numerical array that is in flux. A formula as narrative. Recalling that in 1983 the more typical graphic style would have been light text – perhaps green or amber – on a dark background – the zeitgeist would not change until the early-1984 introduction of Macintosh with its notorious 16-bit monochromatic GUI. Are we to infer that the Truck Driver is therefore clairvoyant or using military-funded industrial technology from the future? The more pressing question is whether he is actively or passively using the terminal: is he monitoring a situation or engaged in the action? The numbers: are they coordinates? If they are coordinates: are they terrestrial or celestial? A shadow occurs half-way through: another character, love interest, sibling, or all three? These are all questions that demand answers.

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