Exposed: Frames 00033-00180

Eight seconds of early-1980s computer graphics open the film. The imagery appears to be created on a (then) state-of-the-art Commodore 64 – 320×200 resolution in 16 colors running a basic BASIC routine to display what is presumably the title sequence. We see two bands of white at the top followed by the text itself, the name of the film – “The Creature from Outer Space”, credit to the authors – Evan Mather, John Emeigh, the remainder – a curiousity. Of these last four words – which are in fact screened back in a darker shade – the second of which appears to be a number of some kind, the year of filming, 1983. One might then infer that the first word is “Copyright” and the last two – a mystery. Note that the fungus from sitting in a box for thirty-one years is still visible.

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