S,M,L,XLA: A Time-Lapsed Circumnavigation of Los Angeles

This is a time-lapsed circumnavigation of Los Angeles. From downtown to the eastside; down along the Alameda corridor to Long Beach and the Port; up to LAX, through the Sepulveda Pass and into the San Fernando Valley; along the Verdugo Mountains and down the Glendale Freeway and past Dodger Stadium; down and around and back again to downtown – 120 miles in 2 hours. An iteration of this video was commissioned by the A+D Museum, Los Angeles, as part of the “Come In! S,M,L,XLA” group installation (19 June – 14 September 2014) – an exhibition of spatial interventions reflecting on the inquiry of scale. The audio commentary and q/a is from the world premiere screening of From Sea To Shining Sea and is courtesy the National Building Museum who hosted the event on 6 April 2014.

Evan Mather’s video is a playful and polished drive-by, quick and audience-friendly — a fitting analogy for the exhibit and its featured group of young designers. The exhibit uses dutch architect Rem Koolhaas’ 1995 book, S, M, L, XL, as its thematic prompt, asking them to explore issues of scales and sizes … – LA Weekly

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