War is good for business. Honus Jenkins’ Bags Unlimited has been supplying body bags to the US military since the Civil War – a duty that provides sustenance to Merle McNally and his pet fishes. In March 2003, as the US invades Iraq, waves of rhetoric seeps through McNally’s subconscious – and the very foundation of his everyday life lies in the balance.

Commissioned by Seattle’s 1 Reel Film Festival in 2003 under the challenge “War- Hoogh! – What Is It Good For?”, Bodybags is an epilogue to Hostetter & Mather’s trilogy of tragedy. Created in one marathon weekend in July 2003, Bodybags was edited with Final Cut Pro on an iMac G4.

In addition to premiering at the 1 Reel Film Festival, Bodybags also played at MicroCineFest, St. Balbach’s Neuer Standort, and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival 8.

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