Pavlov’s Bell

As an airplane hits a rough patch, a turbulent relationship disintegrates.

The song is from Aimee Mann’s 2002 album Lost In Space. Pavlov’s Bell is not only Evan Mather’s follow up to his 2001 music video for Red Vines, but also an experiment in developing a distinct animation style: see also My Big Fat Independent Movie, The Patron Saint of Television, and Telly.

Completed in July 2003, the music video was composited using Adobe After Effects and edited with Final Cut Pro on an iMac G4. Pavlov’s Bell played several film festivals including the 1 Reel Film Fest 8, Festival du Film de L’Internet, MicroCineFest, and Dubai’s 1st International Animation Celebration.

The scenario confirms what you suspected as a child — when the plane doors close, they lift you up, bounce you around and that’s it. Mather’s plane is land-locked above a field, accordioning on a length of folded cardboard, a metaphor that the viewer can fly anywhere. It’s a bracing and boldly-colored world brought to life by Mather’s innovate designs.

Animation World Magazine

***** – Perhaps the best music video short I have seen in a decade and if MTV had any balls they’d show it.

Film Threat

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