Red Vines

Experience love on the sidelines as a young couple cross paths with a wizened convenience store clerk.

A track on Aimee Mann‘s 2000 album Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo, Red Vines was interpreted and animated by Evan Mather, using the same flat-but-deep graphics style pioneered with Fansom the Lizard.

Completed in September 2001, the music video was composited using Adobe After Effects and edited with Final Cut Pro on a Power Macintosh G3. Red Vines screened at several film festivals including SXSW, 1 Reel Film Fest 7, International Film Festival Rotterdam (Exploding Cinema program), and the Festival du Film de L’Internet where it won the Best Music award.

Mather displays both ingenuity and discretion in his manipulation of the specific elements of this created world, so that the visuals neither overwhelm the music nor function as redundant illustration. The director’s flat graphics and purposefully awkward movement may not be to everyone’s taste, but his distinctive style and empathic sensibility jell extremely well here with Mann’s story of unfulfilled love.

Animation World Magazine

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