Airplane Glue

The strength of the bonds between twin brothers is tested, as one evangelizes his conviction that the the Apollo moon landings were faked by Hollywood and the US Government.

This is the second chapter in the trilogy of tragedy – a series of films by Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather that examine man-children and their unwillingness to transition into adulthood: the last grasps they will endeavor to keep their childhood from slipping away. In Airplane Glue, Randy McNally works with shaky facts to convince his brother Rusty – and everyone he knows – that man has never walked on the moon.

Hostetter plays both brothers in a technical tour de force involving a sturdy tripod, wavy orange wig, some model kits, and several tubes of airplane glue. Airplane Glue was filmed in widescreen digital video and composited using Adobe After Effects and edited with Final Cut Pro on a Power Macintosh G3.

Airplane Glue screened at several film festivals, including the Seoul Net Festival (SENEF) 2001 where it won the Grand Prix Online.

Weaving a cunning combination of archive and surveillance-style footage and multiple POVs into the story presentation, Mather’s film exudes an edgy, pixilated paranoia which suits the computer screen like nothing else.

The Guardian

Don’t let the government continue the charade for a second longer. Check out Airplane Glue, the revealing short film by mavericks Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather, and learn the facts about one of the biggest cover-ups of this century…well, last century.

Film Threat

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