Fansom the Lizard

A child’s pet lizard escapes and finds love and adventure in Las Vegas in this half-remembered bit of family folklore.

Created using a completely digital production workflow, this nine-minute short film conveys the feeling of a family home movie shot on Super-8. This was obtained not only with Adobe After Effects filters, but also with a shaky camera look full of lens flares, out-of-focus jump cuts and non-sequitur animated compositions. To achieve the flat-yet-deep aesthetic, individual graphic objects were created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for assembly in After Effects – from which a series of short sequences were rendered for editing in Final Cut Pro. The music was created by Transcenden (Tal Klein).

The production of Fansom the Lizard was profiled in the Summer 2000 issue of RES magazine. The film has played at many festivals where it has won several awards including the Grand Jury Best Animated Video (MicroCineFest), Judge’s Award (Animation)  (27th Northwest Film & Video Festival), Best Animated Short Film (1 Reel Film Fest 6) and the Gold Award (Louisiana Video Shorts Fest 2002). Fansom the Lizard has also been broadcast on the Sundance Channel.

Not only witty and wise, but uses digital animation to celebrate the lost charms of projected celluloid … with a low-fi look and a hi-fi past, this is smart and sophisticated animation that draws you right in.

Todd Haynes27th Northwest Film & Video Festival

Animation that entertains and evolves the medium.

Warren Etheredge, One Reel Film Festival

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