Buena Vista Fight Club

A contemporary lifestyle catalog comes alive in this bloody mashup of Fight Club and Buena Vista Social Club.

Completed as 1999 drew to a close, Buena Vista Fight Club was an experiment in digital composition, typography and animation. A faux furniture catalog (AVINO®) – featuring models from Seattle, New York, and Helsinki – was designed in Adobe InDesign, and then brought into Adobe After Effects (running on a Power Macintosh G3) for re-composition and animation. The music is by Game Music Finland.

Buena Vista Fight Club played extensively on the film festival circuit including at the Festival du Film de L’Internet (Lille, March 2000), Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival (touring), MicroCineFest (Baltimore, October 2000), MIT Digital Cinema Conference (Cambridge, November 2000), 7 Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche (Regensburg, November 2000) and the Newport  Beach Film Festival (Newport Beach, April 2001).

The most exciting two minutes of your life will be spent watching this film.

Independent Exposure

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