Childhood is sweet – and so is the perfect vert: an indescribable state of perfection achieved via slinging rocks into the sea.

Vert is the first episode of what would become known as the trilogy of tragedy – a series of films by Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather that examine man-children and their unwillingness to transition into adulthood: the last grasps they will endeavor to keep their childhood from slipping away. In Vert flashbacks track the two McNally brothers from their days as children verting rocks at the seashore – through adulthood and their tragic separation.

Vert was originally shot in analog video, and shortly thereafter reshot in digital video, as the directors caught up with rapidly changing filmmaking technology. Likewise this was one of the first digital short films edited with (a beta version of) Final Cut Pro on a Power Macintosh G3. The original musical score was composed by Kryo 7 (aka Juuso Auvinen), a Helsinki-based musician who was found by – and collaborated with – the directors via the Internet.

In the epilogue set several years later, Revert, McNally returns to the seashore in desperation.

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