The Creature From Outer Space

A mysterious alien lands in the suburbs. The two adolescent boys who tracked its spacecraft on their home computers are the subjects of the creature’s wrath.

The Creature From Outer Space is a Super-8 film shot in the fall of 1982 – when Halloween costumes were in abundance – in the neighborhoods and forests of suburban Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The early computer graphics were programmed in BASIC by Evan Mather on a Commodore 64 system.

The film cartridge itself sat undeveloped in an attic until its rediscovery in 2014. Because the chemicals required to develop this specific stock of film were no longer available in the United States, the lab (Pro8mm of Burbank, California) sent the cartridge to Germany for processing. As a result, the silent film – which was originally shot in color – is only available in this monochromatic form.

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