Planning to develop this 23-year old Super-8 cartridge my mom found in the attic. I have no idea what it contains. Perhaps time for a Kickstarter-funded meta-documentary mystery.


This is a coast-to-coast drive across the United States:
Four interstates, two turnpikes and a highway.
Two bays, three mountain ranges and a divide.
Eleven states, twenty-two ecoregions, seven metropolises and eight state capitals.
Five days, four time zones and a continent.
From sea level to eleven-thousand feet and back again.
From the original colonies to their manifest destiny.
This is a contemporary portrait of the American landscape.

From Sea To Shining Sea is a contemporary portrait of the United States of America experienced via a cross-county time-lapse video and audio collage. This incredible landscape diversity – through twenty-two eco-regions from the Atlantic, over the Rockies, and to the Pacific – is united by a common visual element: the Interstate Highway System. By watching the film, one essentially takes the journey itself, and gains a greater appreciation for the sheer beauty of the American landscape.

The key to designing successful public spaces, is engaging with the end users by way of community outreach early in the design process, to ensure their needs are met in the final site program. WREN (Wholistic Representational Empowerment Negotiation) is a land planning exercise disguised as a board game – designed to engage community members in site design in a fun, entertaining, and productive way. WREN gives site designers meaningful feedback on the priorities of the end users, by giving the users themselves the power to make informed site programming decisions.

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From Sea To Shining Poster


From Sea To Shining Sea: Poster


Olympic & Western is a manifesto on the proper usage of type in the built environment. Tightly adapted from a mysterious analog audio tape found on the side of the road, this video mash-up meshes infrastructural convergences and reveals intuitive paradigms by using the city of Los Angeles as a testbed for seizing urbanistic ecologies, curating front-end ecosystems, cultivating emergent methodologies, and revealing the link between street signage graphic design and the JFK assassination.

This is an experimental time-lapse video that compresses the 3-1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada into 12 minutes. It was shot and edited on July 28, 2012 using an iPhone 4S running TimeLapse and a MacBook Air running Final Cut Pro X. The audio track consists of a sampling of scanning the AM/FM bands during the journey. A few gaps exist in the end product due to the iPhone overheating and subsequently running out of storage space, restarting the TimeLapse app every so often, and a bolt from a passing truck hitting the windshield (amazingly, no damage). We recommend the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan for the Korean short ribs, yellow curry mussels over fried rice, beet salad, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, salted caramel ice cream, and vending machine dispensed wine.